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Please read this document carefully. It contains sensitive information regarding your
rights, obligations and access to and use of the website.


This website is operated by Köseliören Tekstil ve Turizm A.Ş. (in short: Köseliören),
having its registered office in Turkey and management office located at the
address “Azimkar Sokak No.: 42 Laleli–Istanbul/Turkey” for correspondence
concerning the website.

Fimka Store website, this website or just site,

refers to the web content published on the domain name “www.fimkastore.com”


refer to every function, facility, application, information or other services offered on
this website.


refer to this document of terms and rules.

Köseliören, Köseliören Tekstil, Adalı, Adalı Tekstil, Bare Tekstil,

refers to the owner, administrator and the only authority for Fimka, Fimka Store and
www.fimkastore.com websites. It is the commercial organization that determines the
Terms and Conditions you read in this document.

Customer, Buyer, User or You,

refers to anyone who accesses and uses this website whether by permission of
Fimka or not, subscribed to use this website or part of it or not, or a subscribed
member of a Service offered on this website or not.

Fimka Store Website and/or Social Media Sites (Facebook, Vkontakte, Twitter,
Linkedin… etc.),

refers to the website (homepage and other pages) or other information and/or groups
of applications managed by Fimka and accessed through PCs, laptop computers,
mobile phones, PDAs, digital cameras, televisions and other devices with a network
connection using physical connections or wireless networks (including internet and
networks accessed through wireless application protocols or similar (wap, Wi-Fi,
Edge, GPRS, 3G/4G, Grid, HotSpot, A/P) access technologies) and through which
these Terms are sent or explicitly referenced for Users’ acceptance.

User Content,

refers to various information and other forms of content given to Fimka, or entered
or uploaded via the Fimka Store Web Site and/or sites and/or Social Media Sites
(Facebook, Vkontakte, Twitter, Linkedin, etc.) or by other means, including but not
limited to images, videos and other audio and video materials, graphics, documents
and data files, information on real and other persons, messages, e-mails and other
forms of communication, files, texts, opinions, customization settings and other


Any person who access the Fimka Store website and/or Social Media Sites
(Facebook, Vkontakte, Twitter, Linkedin, etc.) as either a registered or unregistered
visitor, browses the site or downloads part of it or leaves a message at the site
or makes an upload or use this site and its content in any other way, accepts the
following Terms without any change, and the all provisions of the relevant laws.

If access to this website or any part of it or any Service requires payment of a certain
subscription fee, Fimka can reject or cancel access upon non-payment or late
payment of these fees.

The User is responsible for obtaining the relevant hardware and licensed software
needed for access to the Fimka Store Website and Services and paying all
communication fees.

Access to this site or Services may be limited to a certain number of times and/or
duration in a given period of time.

This site or parts of this site may include adult content. You have to be 18 years of
age (and declare it) to be able to access this content. If you allow your child(ren)
access to and view this site, you are responsible for supervising this access and to
determine which content and Services are suitable for children and which are not.
Note that it is possible that private information of children will be learnt by others
through this site or certain sections of it.

The User agrees not to access this site by tools other than standard internet
These Terms may include rules regarding functions and Services not accessed on or
offered by this site. If any condition of these Terms relate only to such a function or
Service they will have no validity or effect and this will not affect the validity of other


Where this site or part of this site contains other terms or directives applicable to
Users, the latter agree and undertake that they shall also comply with these rules and
guidelines. In the event of any conflict or inconsistency regarding the various rules,
terms, etc. stated above, these Terms shall prevail. If you do not agree to any of

these Terms (or any such other rules, guidelines etc.), you cannot use this site.

These Terms may contain provisions related to functionalities or Services that are
not (and are not intended to be) available through this site. If any provision of these
Terms relates specifically to such functionalities or Services, they shall have no
validity and shall not affect the validity of the other provisions.


Some or all Site content and/or Services available on or through this site may be
offered subject to your purchase of a subscription or payment of a one-time fee.
If you choose to use subscription-based Services and apply to this website for
membership/subscription, you represent and warrant that you are at least 18 years
old, that all information that you submit is true and you agree to pay the subscription
fee and all applicable taxes.

You may cancel your subscription/membership to any fee-based content and/
or services by contacting Fimka. Detailed information is available in the related
paragraph. (Membership/Subscription Termination)

Unless otherwise explicitly stated in other applicable terms, subscription fees, access
charges or other fees including one-time charges in respect of Services or access
to, or download of content from this site shall be payable by Users in advance at the
time, by the means of payment and at the rates stipulated by Fimka.

Fees for fee-based features/services are subject to change at any time. Fimka will
make commercially reasonable effort to inform Users who subscribe for fee-based
content and/or Services of any such change in advance.

When the User choses via or in connection with this site to download or receive paid
or free content (such as, without limitation, certain mobile phone ringtones, screen
savers, background wallpaper designs or games), the User represents and warrants
that his or her access/receiving device supports such download/receipt and that it is
compatible with the format of the requested content.

After download/sending of such content (1) fees paid in advance shall not be
refunded, and (2) subject to any explicit limitations, you may save the content on the
destination device for which it was intended but you are strictly prohibited from saving
it elsewhere, copying, distributing or forwarding it to third parties or allowing third
parties to access it.

Moreover, all subscription fees and legal taxes associated with the downloading of
such content or the receipt of services shall be borne by the User.


You can pay for the services provided via this website by using various payment
methods. These include payment in cash, EFT, Western Union Money Transfer
System and credit cards such as Visa and MasterCard. While using these payment

systems, you represent and warrant that you are at least 18 years old and that all
information you submit is true and valid (including without limitation your credit card
number, expiration date and security number).

Payment confirmations and non-confidential notices will be directed to the e-mail that
you have provided during your membership process.

Your credit card information is never recorded on the Fimka website. All payments
are effected via the personal payment screens sent to you by the Bank with high-
security SSL technology and necessary certificates. During this process, Fimka is
only informed of whether or not the payment has been received by the bank.


To access to this site and/or Social Media Sites (Facebook, Vkontakte, Twitter,
Linkedin, etc.), Services and certain or all Site content (defined below), the User may
be asked to provide registration details to login. It is a condition of use of this site,
Services and Site content that all registration details the User provides are and will
remain true, correct, current and complete.

You agree to notify Fimka immediately of any changes, which are relevant to your
registration. Notification should be made to the address or e-mail address of Fimka
given on this site or in these Terms above.

If Fimka believes the details are not correct, up-to-date, or complete or suspects
that more than one account/User profile are attempted to be registered by the
same individual, it has the right to refuse the User's access to the site, and/or any
of its resources, Services and/or Social Media Sites (Facebook, Vkontakte, Twitter,
Linkedin, etc.), and to terminate or suspend the User's account (if any).

Where you login in order to gain access to this site or a part of this site, where Fimka
Store provides a ”log-out”, “exit” (or similar) option, you undertake to logout and exit
from your account at the end of your session.

Fimka Store reserves the right to logout logged in Users whose accounts are inactive
for a long period of time.


The User is responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of his or her password,
account number, ID and other details (if any) and for all activities under the User's
account. Any unauthorized use of the User's account or other breach of security
should be reported in writing to Fimka immediately. Your registration and/or
subscription is exclusive to you and you may not disclose or make available your
account name, ID or password to others. Any disclosure by you of your account
name and password may result in the termination of your registration and/or
subscription and, where you register for fee/subscription-based content/Services,
such termination shall be without refund and may be subject to additional charges

based on unauthorized use.


Fimka may make changes at any time without notice to products, support, Services,
Auxiliary Programs, and all kinds of content, prices and/or other Site content
(including these Terms) published on www.fimkastore.com.

Fimka may announce changes to these Terms (or other Site content) by displaying
notices on this site or other communication means.

Users who access this site after changes have been posted on the site or otherwise
communicated, shall be bound by such changes as soon as such notices or new
Terms are posted on the site or otherwise communicated, even if the User does not
visit the page on which the change or new Terms are displayed. Frequent review of
this site and these Terms is therefore recommended.

Fimka cannot be held responsible for any product price/information/document/text
and all kinds of content kept on various cache servers that are out of date.


www.fimkastore.com website, while reserving the right to publish its website to the
IP group of its choice, has been established to serve its worldwide customers in the
wholesale ready-to-wear business.

Access to, and use of this site, including viewing, downloading, reproducing,
displaying, posting and publishing: - data, graphics, images, photographs, designs,
descriptions, information, and text - video, audio, music, and sound compilations
- utilities, software (including applets and any software made available to Users
in connection with, or to facilitate access to, any subscription or restricted access
area or Service associated with this site) and software compilations, drivers and
other auxiliary tools - the contents of any e-mail newsletter or similar communication
sent by or on behalf of Fimka in relation to this site and/or the User's registration
or subscription - other content on this site and/or content in Social Media Sites
(Facebook, Vkontakte, Twitter, Linkedin… etc.) (together, Site content), which
has been originated and supplied by those directly supplying product, support and
service providers to KÖSELİÖREN, is prohibited unless specifically permitted in
these Terms. This applies to displaying by screen capture, reflection, Projection and
electronic, mechanical, photocopying, recording (mobile phones, video recording
devices, cameras, etc.), creation of derivative works or otherwise.

Fimka gives limited, non-transferable and revocable permission to the User for
access and appropriate use of this site and/or other Social Media Sites (Facebook,
Vkontakte, Twitter, Linkedin… etc.). The User must comply with the copyrights and
ownership rights on the website content. The website content and all other content
published on this site and/or other Social Media Sites (Facebook, Vkontakte, Twitter,
Linkedin… etc.) may not be published and used in any other site or place and printed

in hard copy.

Without limitation, permission to use Site content does not include resale or
commercial use or distribution of Site content, collection and use of any product,
support or service listings, descriptions, or prices, derivative use of this site or Site
content (including framing), downloading or copying of account information for the
benefit of another Merchant, any use of data mining, robots, or similar data gathering
and extraction tools or any use of Site content on any other website, server or
networked computer environment.

The User shall not use the Fimka Store e-commerce site and the Services in a
way that breaches these Terms (or their spirit) or any applicable law or regulations
(including those relating public communications networks) or that is likely to cause
any damage, interruption or impairment of this site or the Services or in such a way
as to constitute a commercial competitor thereof.

The User may not attempt to gain unauthorized access to any part of this site, other
User accounts or any computer systems or networks connected to this site, whether
through hacking, password mining or any other means. The User may not collect or
attempt to collect personal information relating to others through this site.


Fimka does not transfer title to any Site content to the User. Site content, selection
and arrangement is owned entirely by Fimka Store and is protected by copyright and
other laws.

Users’ limited permission to use Site content is specifically conditioned on the User's
observance of all copyright, trademark and other proprietary notices in Site content,
as well as of all general and intellectual property rights.

The User shall not have any ownership rights in any user name/Nick Name, URL or
other personal identifier that may be allocated to, or chosen by, him or her for the use
of any Services available through this site. The User's limited rights regarding the
use of such identifier/name shall continue only for so long as the relevant Services
are available. After termination of such validity by Fimka for any reason, Fimka
shall be free to use and/or allocate to other Users any such identifier/address. After
termination of such validity by Fimka Store for any reason, Fimka shall be free to use
and/or allocate to other Users any such identifier/address.

Any unauthorized use or copying of Site content, or use of Site content which
breaches these Terms (or their gist) may violate trademark, copyright and other
proprietary rights, and civil and criminal statutes.

Users shall not use any Site content (or any other content made available through
this site) in any manner that infringes any trademark, copyright or other proprietary
rights. Fimka reserves all rights with respect to such unauthorized use or breach of
these Terms.


"Fimka” and “Fimka Store" are the registered trademarks of Bare Tekstil A.Ş.

The "Crossroad of Fashion” slogan featured on the website, as well as all commercial
signs and brands containing it, logos, websites addresses, product or model names
or derivations thereof (collectively, “Fimka marks”) are the trademarks and/or the
property of Fimka.

Any list of Fimka trademarks on this site must be periodically updated but shall not be
taken as an all-inclusive list of Fimka’s (or other firms’) trademarks.

Any use of Fimka marks or derivations thereof (except as expressly authorized in
writing by Köseliören) is strictly prohibited.

All other product and company names mentioned in this site under the topic “Our
B2B Business Partners” may be the trademarks of their respective owners. Further,
the right of online sale of the models and marks contained in the website content
shall also belong to Fimka, which reserves the right to share/transfer this right with/to
its other business partners.


By uploading User content to this site or Fimka’s social media sites (Facebook,
Vkontakte, Twitter, Linkedin, etc.) or sending or making available User content to
other Users or Fimka thanks to this site or social media sites, the User automatically
grants Fimka and their designees:
- a perpetual, royalty-free, irrevocable right and license to use (including commercial
use and exploitation), copy, sub-license, reproduce, modify, adapt, publish, translate,
publicly perform, display and distribute User content and create derivative works
from and incorporate User content (or any part thereof) (incl. any ideas, concepts,
information or techniques that may include such content) into any form, medium, or
technology now known or later developed throughout the world.

In addition, the User warrants that it has the rights necessary to grant such license
and that all so-called "moral rights" in any User content have been waived.

All User content will be considered non-confidential, not subject to any use
restrictions. User content will not be subject to any obligation of confidence on
Fimka’s part.
However, this section does not apply to any personal information submitted by a
User, which identifies him or her. This will be processed only as provided in the
personal data section of the data or registration submission form of this or related
Fimka websites, elsewhere in these Terms and any other terms and conditions which
apply specifically to any relevant transaction (if any) between the User and any
Köseliören Affiliate.


Inappropriate postings or communications

Fimka prohibits the transmission, distribution, dissemination, uploading, posting,
submission, sharing and storage on, via or through the use of this site of User
content which it considers (in its sole discretion) to be inappropriate or distasteful.

Such User content includes (without limitation)

- communications with - pornographic, profane, sexist, homophobic, defamatory,
deceptive, vulgar, obscene or offensive content - ethnic, racist or religious slurs
or derogatory epithets - advocating violence, hate or unlawful activity - depictions
of child abuse, child pornography or sexually suggestive poses - advertisements,
surveys and contests - price-sensitive information relating to publicly listed securities
– harmful to national interests, or contain insults to national values and personalities -
and material that could give rise to any civil or criminal liability under any jurisdiction.

The User shall not advertise or offer to sell or buy any goods or services for any
business purpose.

Fimka reserves the right (but does not accept any obligation) to disclose the User’s
identity to the relevant authority in case of any suspected breach by the User
content of any of these Terms (or other applicable terms) or any applicable laws or

Materials Protected By Copyright Or Other Intellectual Property Rights

Fimka prohibits the uploading of content that contains music, software, images (still
or moving), literary or artistic works or other material protected by intellectual property
laws (or that may infringe others' intellectual property rights), unless the User owns or
controls the exclusive rights thereto or has received all required consents.

Fimka prohibits the use of actual or suspected copyrighted materials or counterfeit

Personal Information

The uploading of any User content, which discloses personal or private information
concerning any individual or entity, including member registration/human resources/
Comment/Guestbook/Fimka Card/personal contact information, telephone numbers,
e-mail or physical addresses, User account numbers, passwords and financial
information submitted by that User itself, is prohibited.

“Spam” and Upload Of Destructive Materials

All forms of “spam”, mass or junk e-mail, including uploading or sending multiple
unsolicited submissions to different discussion groups, mailing lists, and all activities
that facilitate spam, are prohibited on or via this site.

Fimka prohibits the uploading of computer programs that contain destructive or
disruptive features such as viruses, corrupted files, “hidden” files (such as image files
with audio files embedded), worms, Trojans, or bots for the use of scrolling, showing
multiple screens, and other activities that can be disruptive to website functioning.


Through the Fimka Store website, Fimka merely offers a “venue” for Users to access
certain specified services, auxiliary applications and/or information. Fimka cannot and
does not undertake to screen, review, edit, censor or otherwise filter or control User
content or the behavior of Users of User content or Site content.

However, Fimka may review all User content that has been or might be uploaded
to Fimka Store website either by manual or automated means. Fimka reserves the
right (but disclaims any obligation) to reject, not post, not use, remove, amend, deny
access to and/or delete any User content, without notification, which it, in its sole
discretion, considers to be inappropriate or distasteful or otherwise in breach of
these Terms and without any requirement for any complaint or claim in respect of the
relevant User content to be formally commenced or proved.

Where necessary, Fimka reserves the right to cancel the membership of the User
posting the relevant user content.

Fimka Store retains the right (but is under no obligation) to co-operate with any law
enforcement authorities or in response to court and other official requests directing
that Fimka disclose the identity of anyone posting User content.


Where Fimka provides e-mail facilities, web hosting or other services via this site
involving the provision of computer storage space, or in relation to other relevant
Services, Fimka reserves the right to impose and vary limits and/or restrictions
(temporary or otherwise) on the use of the Service, including, without limitation, limits
on the storage provided by reference to storage space (e.g. a maximum total limit
and/or a maximum per file/e-mail size limit), time/age of files (e.g. e-mails older than
180 days), number and/or size of files (e.g. a maximum number of e-mails that may
be sent from, stored within or received by your account), amount of data down- or
uploaded or any other criteria Fimka may specify.

Without limiting the following paragraph, material which exceeds any such limit may
be deleted or not accepted for such storage. Users may not re-sell any storage space
offered through this site.

Fimka Store shall not be liable for any loss, deletion, removal or failure of delivery
to the intended recipient of User content uploaded to this site, whether caused by
computer virus, unauthorized access or otherwise.

Users are encouraged to retain a back-up copy of all User content and Users
undertake that they shall do so in respect of all uploaded User content.

Fimka reserves the right to deny access to this site and delete User content at any
time without notice.


Fimka gives no Warranty that Site content is suitable for use in all web browsers and
devices, that it is virus-free and that it will operate in the IP blocks of DNS and proxy

Those who access this site and use Site content and/or Services are responsible
for compliance with all applicable law and regulations, including any applicable local

Although Fimka has attempted to verify the accuracy, reliability and currency of all
Site content, including (as applicable) product, services, support and other details
and descriptions obtained from third parties, it gives no Warranty as to the accuracy
of any statements in this site.

Any materials, products, services or information featured or referred to in this site
may be out of date. Fimka makes no commitment to update Site content.

Fimka disclaims any liability or responsibility for any errors or omissions in Site
content (except insofar as such disclaimer would be inconsistent with its warranties
and other terms and conditions related to product or service sales by Fimka). Any
decisions related to information contained in Site content (or User content) are the
User's sole responsibility.

Fimka gives no Warranty that functions or Services available through and other User
interactions with the site will be constantly available, uninterrupted, secure or error-
free, that defects will be corrected or that this site or the server that makes it available
are free from viruses or other harmful components.

Fimka assumes no responsibility, and are not liable for, any damage to (or loss of
data from), or viruses that may infect, your computer equipment or other property
on account of your access to, or use of this site including downloading any images,
software or other Site content. If use of Site content results in the need for servicing,
repair or correction in equipment or data, the User assumes all costs in that regard.

Information in Site content (and User content) does not constitute legal, financial
or medical advice and should not be relied upon. Site content containing forward-
looking statements or statements of intention should not be relied upon. Fimka
reserves the right not to act in accordance with any such statements. Where
applicable law prohibits or limits Fimka’s exclusion of Warranties as set out above,

Fimka will exclude, disclaim and limit such Warranties only to the maximum extent
permitted by the applicable law.


Fimka and all other persons involved in creating, producing, hosting or delivering Site
content shall not be liable for any direct, indirect, special, incidental, consequential
or punitive damages, including in respect of loss of data, loss of profit, business
interruption or time incurred or damages of any other nature (including arising out
of negligence and other torts) that result from the use of, or the inability to use, Site
content, even if Fimka or an authorized representative thereof has been advised of
the possibility of such damages.


Through the web forms contained in this site or by using the e-mail or telephone
number available on the site:

a) You consent to the processing of data personal to you, such as your name and
title, address, telephone number and other personal details ("Personal Data").

b) You accept and acknowledge that the processing of your Personal Data is
necessary for your entrance to the site as a member as well as for the controlling
of this access. In certain circumstances, Fimka may seek additional personal
information such as photocopies of identification documents or credit cards (for
example for identity verification or fraud prevention purposes). Where such additional
information is submitted to Fimka in connection with this site(s), it shall also be
regarded as "Personal Data".

Fimka may share or transmit Personal Data to other Fimka companies and relevant
divisions in Fimka Affiliates. Fimka will not disclose Personal Data to entities and
persons (third parties) other than Fimka affiliates without your consent, except in the
cases below.

Personal Data may be disclosed to third parties to enable (1) the performance of
contracts you are party to or (2) for other purposes specified in these Terms or in
the "Personal Data" (or similarly entitled) part of the registration/data input form or
telephone registration process for this site; or (3) compliance with legal obligations to
which Fimka or affiliates thereof are subject.

Personal Data may be disclosed to third persons to enable them to provide services
for or on behalf of, or at the direction of, Fimka or Fimka Affiliates. In such cases,
Fimka takes measures to ensure that the third parties comply with Fimka’s privacy
policy and that such recipients strictly comply with applicable laws.

Where Personal Data is provided in connection with transactions connected with this
site involving various payments, Fimka may transmit Personal Data to third parties
who are credit/fraud probability assessment agencies or who are otherwise involved
in crime prevention, in order to process the acceptability of your tendered credit
card or other payment methods or to combat crime, and/or to credit card and other
payment processing agencies. Personal Data transmitted to those third parties may
need to be transferred to national and international organizations and centers for
processing and related purposes.

Other than these, Fimka may use, process and disclose without restriction any
anonymous or generic data (including statistics) in which you cannot be identified.

Fimka does not assume and excludes all responsibility for rectifying or deleting
Personal Data which has been transferred (with your consent) to certain agencies
such as credit or fraud probability assessment, and payment processing agencies,
who require and/or assume control of that data.

Fimka accepts no liability for any consequences arising from incorrect credit or other
assessments generated by such third parties.

By accessing Fimka Website(s), the User accepts and agrees that Fimka or its
service providers may send cookies (small pieces of data placed on your hard disk
drive when you access a website or a certain part of a website) to your computer or
other access device in order to personalize your visit to this site and/or to learn more
about your use or browsing habits while visiting this site. The cookie may contain
personal information about you and may be a persistent or single session cookie.

Users are responsible for complying with the provisions of Terms and Conditions for
Use of Website. Otherwise, all national and international legal, commercial sanctions
and punishments shall be undertaken by Users and shall be liable for indemnifying
persons and organizations undergoing damage.

Without limitation to the generality of the above indemnity, the User releases,
indemnifies and holds harmless Fimka Store and their officers, agents, employees
and service providers in respect of claims, liabilities, costs (including legal fees),
expenses, demands and damages (direct, indirect or consequential) of any nature,
known or unknown, suspected and unsuspected, disclosed and undisclosed,
howsoever incurred by any of them arising out of or in any way related to:

● Delays, errors and losses during transmitting forms filled in through the site by the

● any prohibited or restricted User content uploaded by the User or any use of this
site by the User (including prohibited or restricted site use by the User);

● any loss, deletion, removal, corruption or publication of User content uploaded by
the User;

● any unauthorized use of the User's account or compromise of User account
security through a failure to maintain the secrecy of User account passwords or other
security details, and all related occurrences.


You must seek and obtain the written consent the operator of this site before creating
any link to this site. Deep linking is strictly prohibited. All authorized links to this site
must be to the home page of the site, must make it clear that this site and the Site
content are distinct from the website containing the link and must make it clear that
this site is owned and operated by Fimka.

Fimka or third parties (with consent as above) may provide, hypertext links to and/or
from other internet websites or resources. The inclusion of such links in this website
is for convenience only and does not imply endorsement by Fimka of the other
websites or any association with the operators of that site.

Fimka encourages discretion when browsing its or external websites and resources.
Some websites may carry appropriate content (such as pop-up/adware/spyware) or
link Users to websites containing information that may be considered inappropriate or
offensive. Other websites may send their own cookies to Users, collect data and/or
solicit personal information. The User's visiting of any external websites via links from
this site is entirely at the User's own risk.

Fimka has not confirmed the accuracy or reliability of any information in external
websites or resources linked or accessed via this site, or which link to the Fimka
Store website or Social Media Sites (Facebook, Vkontakte, Twitter, Linkedin, etc.).
Fimka shall not be responsible or liable for any content, advertising, products,
support, services or other materials on or available from such external websites or
resources. Fimka shall not be responsible for the accuracy, copyright compliance,
legality or decency of material contained in external websites or resources and does
not give any warranties, express and implied, in this regard. Fimka shall not be liable,
directly or indirectly, for any damage or loss caused or allegedly caused by the use of
or reliance on any content, products, support or services available on or through any
external websites or resources.

Without limiting the above, Fimka Store does not make any representations or
warranties as to the security of any information (including credit card and other
personal information) a User might be requested to give any third party through
linked websites. The User cannot claim against Fimka with respect to such matters.


Whether or not related to a Service or access for which a subscription fee is payable,
the User must inform Fimka by the e-mail he/she used while subscribing to the
site to terminate the subscription. In the absence of any express contrary provision
relating to the User's ability to terminate or the period for termination, the User
shall be entitled to terminate a subscription Service upon giving Fimka at least one
full calendar months' notice of such termination or, where necessary, re-obtaining
confirmation by a phone call.

Fimka Store may freeze the User’s account if such account is not accessed for a
period of 3 months or more (or such other period designated by Fimka) or cancel his/
her membership to this site.

Fimka Store also reserves the right to terminate User's access to this site and/or its
account in Fimka’s sole discretion at any time without cause. In such circumstances,
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