Corporate Information

With almost 30 years of experience and an innovative approach in the ready-to-wear business, FIMKA is an Istanbul-based company operating in the wholesale sector. Founded by Fethi, Ismail and Mehmet Köseliören in the mid-1980s, FIMKA offers the widest selection of colors and models to its customers in its megastore where you can find all womenswear and accessory brands sold by the company in one place. FIMKA stores, where everyday up to 400 new models are offered for sale each week, serve countless customers from 101 countries, particularly from Europe, Russia, Ukraine, Romania, Baltic States, Arabian and African countries.

Under the motto "Crossroad of Fashion", FIMKA fulfills its mission with its expert staff following the latest fashion trends and advising its customers. FIMKA, counting in its portfolio dynamic brands producing creative and innovative fashion designs to the world standard, is capable of meeting its customers' needs at the highest level in terms of both product selection and shopping experience. FIMKA customers are able to find under the same roof, textile products in different categories as well as the latest and richest models of accessories such as bags, belts, glasses and jewelry. In FIMKA stores adopting the principle of "unconditional customer satisfaction", 300 FIMKA employees provide continuous wholesale and logistics service seven days a week.

The online FIMKA Store, launched in 2008 for its customers trusting in the FIMKA quality and wishing to make easy purchases, is an innovative e-commerce website making wholesale purchases as easy as retail. The FIMKA Store, offering numerous advantages such as online selection, examination and comparison of items, eliminates the need for its customers to travel, spend money and make physical contact with the wholesaler, thus helping them save time and money. The FIMKA Store has a distinctive place among the online wholesale websites thanks to its advantages such as worldwide shipping of even the smallest orders, ordering sold-out items, availability of hundreds of new models and the opportunity for its customers to benefit from promotional advantages.

FIMKA sells womenswear to the Middle East and Europe under its retail brand JOYMISS created in 1992. The product range of JOYMISS, which has stores in the prestigious shopping centers of Moscow, include not only chic and quality womenswear but also bags, belts and accessories.

FIMKA, managing to transform its experience in the field of textile and clothing into sales services compatible with the dynamic structure of the fashion world, believes that "innovation" and "difference" must be continuous to provide the best service to its customers.