Secure Shopping has been restructured by using state of the art technology for serving you without interruption 24 hours a will not keep and record the credit card details of its customers at any time and under any condition.No employee of may access the credit card details of customers.

Therefore your credit card details are not seen by anyone at any time.For this purpose, the universally accepted SSL (Secure Socket Layer) security system is used for your Credit Card Security during the order transactions.

Your credit card details are encrypted before being sent and delivered in this manner.Your details may never be stolen during the transfer.SSL technology has become a world standard due to the superior security it provides and its method of encryption. Your scanner (Internet Explorer, Netscape..etc.) will recognize this system immediately and show the addresses starting with https- (secure pages) on the address line starting with –http- meaning the secure pages for reassuring you that the pages you enter are secure.Besides, you will see the LOCK icon indicating the security condition at the bottom of your screen.Our security system is compatible with Microsoft Internet Explorer, Netscape Navigator and all the browsers using SSL.

Security Policy

Shopping security on fimkastore is provided with the SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) Protocol. Thanks to the SSL Protocol, the credit card details you have entered during shopping are encrypted independently from and transferred securely to the Virtual POSsystem of the bank from which provision will be received in the systems realized in the electronic environment and calling for provision of secure flow of information. Besides, the SSL Protocol also verifies that you are not in a fake version of the website you want to enter but you are on the right website.You can examine the SSL certificate by double-clicking on the lock icon under the page where you enter your credit card details and the internet address is transferred from http to https. If you would like to obtain more detailed information about the SSL Protocol, you can examine the website

Except on the order payment pages secured with the SSL Protocol, do not write your credit card details in any of the communications on the internet (e-mails, fast messaging services, customer relations communication forms, etc.).

Contrary to the general opinion, the credit card details are not stolen in the internet environment but mainly in the physical environments in daily use.Please remember that all your credit card details are written on your card.

In the shopping you will make with a certain credit card, for the purpose of providing extra security of the transaction for which provision approval has been given by the Virtual POS system, written approval can be received stating that the credit card used has really been used by the card holder with the name specified on it by contacting the Fraud Security Department of the bank from which provision has been received. Besides, in case of requirement, the bank or Fimkastore officers can request confirmation of the order by calling the credit card holder.Before preparation of the order, the phase of approval should be completed.Despite affecting the speed of the service provided, this application is a standard deemed necessary also by the banking industry for a healthy shopping experience.