Customer Rights


 All the rules, principles and applications contained in this document apply unless they are contradictory with the clauses contained in the documents entitled “Product and Money Return” and “Distant Sale Agreement”.

Fimkastore continuously strives to increase the quality of the services it provides to its customers. In order to ensure this it carries its internal audit activities without delay.

On the other hand, it also considers itself to have a duty to raise awareness of its customers, by complying with the following-stated principles.

Consumers Rights
We supply the products you purchased from us with the following qualifications:
• The product quality must be satisfactory. However, defective products due to manufacturing defects will be replaced free of charge.
• The product will be in compliance with its purpose. The product’s quality, content and properties will be as indicated by the manufacturer.
If the products you purchased are problematic on these two points, they will be considered defective. In this case, you have the following rights:


These rules will apply for all the products you purchased over, unless they are contradictory to the rules and cases indicated in the documents contained in this Website, entitled “Product and Money Return” and “Distant Sale Agreement”.Otherwise, Fimkastore will seek out your rights on the producers.

If Fimkastore advises you that a product or group of products is of second quality or defective and if you purchase it, you cannot return that product, nor request its replacement.

However, for activities carried out limited to stocks, namely products subject to discount selling, in case of defects in campaigns and opportunity products, replacement or money refund cannot be made. However, your account will be credited with the price of the product and money refund is provided by way of a deduction made on the amount of the subsequent order. The balance of the accounts and the Fimka Points of customers who have not made an order in the last 6 months will be written off and these customers cannot make any claim.

Product Prices and your Rights
When purchasing a product via, you will not see any amount other than the product price communicated to you, and the amounts related to the mode of payment, transport and export you selected. You will pay the final “Total Amount” you will see on the “Payment” screen. However, if you see after a while the discounted price or campaign price of the product, you cannot claim any right.

Your Rights related to Transport and Export Process
Fimkastore coordinates the relationship between the transport company and you, our valuable customers. You are free to work with the transport company of your choice. Fimkastore’s responsibility related to the term of delivery of the products to customers applies until the delivery to the transport company. Furthermore, Fimkastore will bear no responsibility for delays arising from the transport company and export problems and defects caused to products during transportation.

Nonetheless, in case you have problems with the transport company you chose, please let us know immediately. We shall be pleased to help you on this matter too and look after your rights on your behalf.

For your Complaints
Please contact us immediately if you have any problem with the products and services. You will find all the contact information below.

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