Please read this document carefully. It contains your rights, obligations and important information relating to the return of products you have purchased via this web site.

The shipment fee that you organized is added to your total order fee. Your total order cost contains total order fee + shipment cost. (This section validated, if the shipment firm which we have agreed to service to honourable customer , choose.)

In addition to this situation, can ship three or four item(one serie) or large orders to *WORLDWIDE*.

Please note, it's your own responsibility to find out about the import tax situation in your own country.

When you want to know the shipping rate, you will get the rate by controlling your chart after giving the order. İn that time, our customer relation team will try the best price for your benefits. When they get the price or prices, they will inform you by filling up the rates to your cart.

Fimkastore currently ships orders via carriers who offer international shipping services at a competitive price, such as DHL, UPS, TNT, FEDEX and ARAMEX. You are able to choose the shipping carrier when you check out your order. You can also check the detailed shipping information after clicking the “Add to Cart” button on each item page.

After you gave your submitting adress which is written in our website, Fimkastore can not be charge in happening an problematic submitting. But Fimkastore does the best to help the our honourable customers as possible as.

In addition to this, please contact the courier in the event of customer who intends to change shipping address when package is in international shipment. Customer shall cover the fee for package reroute when proceeding domestic shipment in the receiver’s country.

You determine your shipment place when you said 'check out my order' thus, we advice you not to pay additional fee to the courier firm in your country. That is vital to get profit in your business.

An explanation about delivery time & process;

As a summary, you must first know that Delivery time is changeable to the place that is approved. Please kindly note that shipping time is determined by the specified items/categories that you have purchased as well as the shipping method for your package.

In addition to this, When you want to know the shipping rate, you will get the rate by controlling your chart after giving the order. İn that time, our customer relation team will try the best price for your benefits. When we get the price or prices, we will inform you by filling up the rates into your chart. You will be informed via mail to approve it. After approving  the mail, delivery process has been started

The entire time frame for order delivery is divided into two aspects:

Processing time   :  It is includes order verification,  quality check and packing that you said.
Shipping Time :  Mostly refers to the period for items shipped from our warehouse to the destination.

Processing time for each category is listed in the corresponding item page where you can easily located for.

Please note that Fimkastore processing time may vary by the occurrence of hot season sale, holidays and force majeure. The related information will be noticed site’s illumination manner. 

Your order will be dispatched from our warehouse after the finishing of packing, the shipping courier will be applied based on which you have selected while you were proceeding to order placement.

Email for package shipment with the detailed tracking information will be sent to your mailbox for account registration. You may also login your Fimkastore account and find the related information by checking your order archive.

For following your shipment, we give you any other option thus you do not hesitate to contact our customer service center for the latest update on your order status. We are more than happy to further assist you











Please understand that Fimkastore is unable to control the international shipment but to contact the courier for checking shipping status in different period.

For customer hasn’t received the package after 10 days of dispatching from Fimkastore sorting center. It is acceptable for customer offer shipping claim via here for further checking on the shipment with the following criteria:

1. Order #
2. Item #
3. Tacking #
4. Request: refund or return
5. The answer to the following questions are required:

  • If you have checked the package all around the house?
  • If you inquired your relatives or neighbor for package receiving?
  • If you ever contacted the shipping carrier?
  • If the package been detained by the customs?

Fimkastore will offer reshipping service in the event of miss and wrongly shipping of accessories, a full refund on the item fare is offered in the event of stock of accessories are unavailable for reshipping.